Aikaarth has a twofold model: the short-term and the long term, and celebrates the different forms of intelligence.

In the short term, we provide a fellowship program, an opportunity, to young talented individuals who are exceptional in their form of intelligence to be a teacher and teach extra-curricular activities, to children from low-income communities in the most under-resourced schools. During the fellowship; our fellows use their forms of intelligence to teach extracurricular activities to children. They help children explore their kind of intelligence and potential beyond academics; such that our fellows be a resource to those children who have no access to it, and connect and create more opportunities for children.

The fellowship experience exposes our fellows to the grassroots reality, lives of people there, the inequity, inequality and injustice pertaining at different levels; and inspires and transforms them into individuals who commit towards creating a world of justice.

In the long term, we engage these individuals, our alumni, and support this growing community to create a ripple effect of transformation. The framework for transformation at Aikaarth is centered around three commitments.

Our fellows work on these commitment in and beyond the school and community, and by growing in these 3 commitments, and experiences in schools and communities, fellows are ready to be lifelong learners and transformed individuals creating a greater impact.

The Commitment to Personal Transformation: Exploring who you are, your purpose, and striving to be a better person.

The Commitment to Collective Action: Building relationships and organizing partners to deepen our impact

The commitment to Equity, Equality and Justice: Deepening our understanding of equity, equality and justice and committing to attaining it.


To create a world of justice where everyone has equitable access to resources and opportunities


To create a ripple effect of individuals, communities and ideas which will be, create and connect resources and opportunities such that everyone has equitable access to it.


Sense of Possibility, Ownership, Reflection, Love, Joy