Alumni Impact Lead

Position Summary

At Aikaarth, we strongly believe in the growth and development of our fellows and The Alumni Impact lead works with our fellows and alumni towards it. The lead understands the ambitions of our fellows and connects them to the right opportunities. The lead also keeps a track of our alumni, understands the work they are doing, and consistently supports them in their journeys.

Key Responsibilities

  • Connect with all our fellows and alumni, understand them and their ambitions, and support them consistently for their growth and development in their respective fields.
  • Conduct research, identify, build and maintain partnerships and collaborations with individuals and organizations that can provide various opportunities (eg.- placements,internships, training, etc.) to our fellows and alumni during and after the fellowship.
  • Create and leverage an extensive network of supporters, to build awareness about Aikaarth.
  • Source and create opportunities at external events and organizations events that creates awareness about
  • Design and implement initiatives to keep the community connected such that they have a strong sense of belonging and create and leverage opportunities for and from each other.

Competencies and Abilities 

  • Strong goal orientation and focus on outcomes.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent project planning and communication skills to deliver messages and engage stakeholders using diverse mediums (presentation/public speaking/written/online platforms/meetings etc.)
  • Strong networking, people management and relationship building skills to invest stakeholders in the work we do.
  • Ability to travel, strong time management skills and flexibility in order to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously.


  • Strong network with organizations and individuals related to arts and sports fields.
  • Previous experience in placements.

Aikaarth requires an inspiring force and so, we call upon you tobe the force, may the force be with you