Event Management Lead

Position Summary

At Aikaarth, we have a loving and joyful culture; and our events – recruitment drives, training, meetings, etc. could all be opportunities for us to uphold and celebrate that culture. The event management lead plans and makes all our activities and events possible in the most thoughtful ways such that our stakeholders feel cared for. Aikaarth also hosts a celebration at the end of every academic year where all our children perform everything they learned and all our stakeholders attend it. The Lead creates and implements the plan to host the celebration in a better and a bigger way.

 Key Responsibilities

  • Work with all the other leads such as recruitment, training, fund-raising, marketing, etc. and understand the activities and events that need to be hosted; understands the logistical requirements and work towards hosting the event.
  • Coordinate with fellows to understand what their students would do for the celebration.
  • Create and implement the plan to host the Aikaarth celebration.
  • Create and leverage an extensive network of supporters.
  • Build and manage partnerships with a wide range of external stakeholders.
  • Lead and coordinate all in kind support from different organizations.

Competencies and Abilities

  • Excellent project management.
  • Strong networking, people management and relationship building skills.
  • Ability to travel, strong time management skills and flexibility in order to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously.


Previous experience in event management.

Aikaarth requires an inspiring force and so, we call upon you tobe the force, may the force be with you