Fellow's Impact

I always wanted to help someone. But questions about how, where and when kept striking me . Aikaarth provided a platform to me through which I could explore my answers.The main crisis is that people started adjusting. Humans in these communities believed that the life of the poor will always be so. They were giving up, which is wrong. With a little hope, belief and efforts from them, the government and the bigger world, their reality can be changed
Kimira Guduru
A simple concept of level of needs, which I learnt in my school and college, I practically saw it in that under-resourced school. I always knew my level of needs. Now I know my kids' and their communities’ level of needs. I had some personal experiences with the children which I will carry in my heart forever. Each student taught me something different and added a new element to my personality.
Manasa Gullapalli
I got aware about the lack of awareness about various schemes which help the people. I understood that due to lack of time the community members have; and improper communication channels, the people do not avail the benefits from the government schemes.
Tanishka Jain
Environmental crisis is a serious issue around the world. Specifically in the communities visited, the maintenance of the place by the municipal corporation is not satisfactory. People dump waste on government land in one place, there are rats in another and several never ending environment plaguing issues. The primary cause for this could be the uneducated adults specifically women who live in the communities. I crucial learning I had about myself through this fellowship was the dedication that I have. When I introspected I learned that even after a long day I was excited to meet the kids and teach them something new. Even after a tiring day at college and a even more exhausting teaching session with the kids, I was still interested in visiting the communities and understanding their problems. The experience at Aikaarth has been enriching. It has taught me be compassionate at all times. The combination of teaching and understanding others’ problems has been a great experience through which not only could I teach something but also learn so much about the communities and my own self.
It was shocking to see how education, especially of the girl child, is being given zero importance. The community thinks that the girl child eventually has to get married and leave the house. The crisis is with the mindset of the people who think that the money which is being spent on education could be used for dowry instead; and we really need to work on shifting this mindset. I'm happy to have been able to imbibe the qualities of empathy and persuasion by being a part of Aikaarth. Here we came across young enthusiasts who had the full potential and the curiosity to learn. As they do not have such usual opportunities, our visit to them brought happiness on their faces and having witnessed such a thing was a pleasure for all of us.It feels great to be a part of this organization. We had a really good time with here and these moments were not only captured in a camera, but also our hearts.
Nishta Agarwal
I have always believed that experience gives the best learning and truer words can't be said about Aikaarth. It's learning that happens in all aspects of each and every task you do here. I hope everyone gets to know about Aikaarth. We can understand about our own community and country so much better.
Harshita Vadlamudi
Aikaarth helped me let go all the stereotypes (biases) that I had in my mind.
Mahika Uttarwar
My experience has been inspiring. I feel an increased level of commitment towards justice.
Looking at the larger picture, my belief that education is the primary and most basic requirement for the betterment of the society and, that it can eradicate several social evils and therefore contribute to the development of the nation, has been strengthened. We all don't need to be teachers, we should just have the passion to teach, rather just the passion to share our knowledge; change will follow and miracles will happen automatically. A little time and effort always go a long way.
B. Keerthana
I’ve seen people here, specially our mentor, support his students and that inspired me to become that kind of person, who was willing to support someone no matter what.
Jahnavi Aiyer