I felt really happy about this program. First when I was standing on the stage, I felt shy. After dancing, I felt no shame. Thanks to the Didi’s who taught us
B. Jayashree
I really liked Aikaarth because like other big schools, even we got equal opportunity to participate in activities and become talented. I was motivated because all teachers were women, and the problem is that many women don’t get education also. Didi also learned from us and our families. I want all children to get this opportunity. I want all children to have Aikaarth.
I feel very happy and now I feel very courageous and brave to speak up for myself and all correct people. My stress in gone and I am confident enough to do any work. Thank you didi and bhaiya for improving me.
Tarun Teja
I want to thank didis to involve extra-curricular activities and make our education excellent. Excellent education involves extra-curricular activities also which so many children don’t get.
M. Akash
I was so happy when I climbed the stage. I love to do drama and want to this many times again.
P. Harsh Vardhan
I liked the program “Aikaarth”. I like the value Aikaarth follows, that is, belief. If we believe, then it will happen.
When didis came to my home, my father felt so happy. He told that he’s uneducated and no ever asked him about his opinion about community problem, and he felt respected.
When I went for a community visit with didi, even I started understanding problems in my community. Like didid, even I am thinking how to solve these problems.