Project Operations Lead

Position Summary

The project operations lead takes care of all the administration work at Aikaarth and ensures that we are an efficient organization working effectively. The lead coordinates with all the various teams, fellows and all the other internal and external stakeholders, understands their requirements and assists and supports them with it. The Lead consistently documents the detailed work happening at Aikaarth and sets and keeps a strong track of the delivery of work by the leadership team and the fellows and takes the required action for any progress to be made. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Taking care of all the administration work at Aikaarth including internal communication.
  • Coordinating with all members of the leadership team, fellows, internal and external stakeholders and understanding their requirements and assisting and supporting them with it.
  • Creating time-lines and structures and keeping a very strong track of the work being done by the leadership team, fellows and internal stakeholders.
  • Taking the required action to ensure all the internal stakeholders are efficient and effective in their work and taking the required action for any progress to be made.
  • Consistently documenting details of all the work happening at Aikaarth..
  • Taking quick decisions and actions to resolve any unforeseen breakdowns.
  • Creating, maintaining and sharing resources with the stakeholders as and when required.

Competencies and Abilities

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to understand the bigger picture and be aware of each and every detail.
  • Documentation skills.
  • Strong communication skills to effectively interface with multiple audiences, internal teams and stakeholders while presenting complex ideas clearly and in an engaging manner.
  • Strong time management skills.

Aikaarth requires an inspiring force and so, we call upon you tobe the force, may the force be with you