I have always believed that experience gives the best learning and truer words can't be said about Aikaarth. It's learning that happens in all aspects of each and every task you do here. I hope everyone gets to know about Aikaarth. While we teach our passion, we can also understand about our own communities and country so much better.
Harshita Vadlamudi
Fellow 2017-2018
Even after a tiring day at college and a even more exhausting teaching session with the kids, I was still interested in visiting the communities and understanding their problems. The experience at Aikaarth has been enriching. It has taught me to be compassionate at all times. The combination of teaching and understanding others’ problems has been a great experience through which not only could I teach something but also learn so much about the communities and my own self.
Fellow 2017-2018
There is a need to awaken latent emotions and make the youth more sensitive.I see and I know that the students of our college look forward to completing their assigned activity at Aikaarth as fellows.I am sure they give their best on the field. The experiences that they have gathered will surely make them more empathetic. Aikaarth was an initiative that was so needed when it started.It will continue to hold its place of relevance forever as the need to connect with the less privileged is not something which comes naturally to the gifted counterparts. Initiatives like Aikaarth can be the catalyst. Aikaarth’s potential is huge. Farsighted leadership will play a key role in turning its vision into reality. I envision Aikaarth to bring all under graduate college students of the twin cities under a single banner which will reach out to the underprivileged children and ensure that they are equipped with skills that formal education does not give. My message to Educational institutes would be “Join along in this endeavour to make a difference
Dr. Mallika Shetty
Dean of Academics St. Francis College for Women
I want to thank Aikaarth for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with kids. My experience has been amazing with St. Albert's school. I chose storytelling as my activity. Not many kids were interested into this as this was very new to them and their hearts were already beating for dance. I finally got ten kids for my class. Beginning was a bit tough as I had to explain them about voice modulation, expressions, how to show emotions, where to stop etc. which was definitely not easy for the kids to understand and work on that. I was very lucky to have amazingly talented kids. They were quick learners. They started practicing whenever they had free time, they became better and then incredible. I had to be very caring and patient while working with kids. one of the plans that I used to think ever worked in the classroom. Classroom scenario used to be totally different. It anyway increased my capacity to think on my feet and stay calm in stressful situations. It also enhanced my leadership skills, adaptability, imagination and creativity. Also, we used to go for community visit which gave all of us a reality check of the actual life that the kids were living which obviously made us more close to our kids. The time I spent with my kids and the memories that I have will remain irreplaceable. Thank you Aikaarth for thinking of an initiative so much out of the box. Being a mentor to underprivileged kids is a life time experience as they had no idea of what changes they will have after this mentorship neither do the fellows have any idea of the changes within themselves. I am glad I have such rich experience and such amazing kids into my life.
Rakhi Kumari
Fellow, 2018-2019
We can be good/bad in studies and we don’t know our mind and talent. So we think, we are bad. In Aikaarth we choose and learn other activities. We practice and become successful, and think we are good. I learned photography and my bhaiya teach nicely. There was celebration also which I love because we can show so many people our talent. My wish is Aikaarth teach more activities in more schools.
Class 6 - Chandrakala Goel Government girls high school
We learned something new like Kuchipudi which is not there in our school curriculum. We also experienced lot of happiness and love, increased our confidence level, and learned value of team work. We helped a lot of our friends by teaching and learning kuchipudi from them whenever we had time in school and homes. It is a wonderful experience and we enjoyed a lot.
Student, New Madhu High school
I want to become a state level champion and coach for chess; and teaching chess to children at Aikaarth really did help me a lot. In order to explain students about best tactics and strategies, I referred chess books of different authors .I took game reports after each game to identify where my children made mistakes, so that I can guide them to not repeat the same. Through this process, I improved myself.
Shaik Mohammed Ibrahim
Fellow, 2018-2019
The coaching and programs conducted by Aikaarth in chess, dance and direction are quite interesting and good. The representatives really worked hard to bring out the talent among students. The students also showed great enthusiasm in learning. Really, we are very fortunate to associate with Aikaarth. We hope and pray for continuation of this relation in coming year.
Mr. Srinivas
Head Master, New Madhu High School