Training & Curriculum Development Lead

Position Summary

The Training and Curriculum Development portfolio lies at the heart of Aikaarth where the lead sets the core and the foundation of the work we do. The lead creates the vision for our children and defines what our children will be able to achieve through the program. The lead works towards developing an excellent curriculum for our children via right collaborations and partnerships with organizations/individuals that have immense experience and expertise in the activities that we teach children with respect to its curriculum. The lead creates and implement the strategy to train our fellows and equip them with the required knowledge, skills, values and mindsets to be really effective and efficient in the work they do.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating a vision for our children and defining what they’ll achieve through the Aikaarth program.
  • Conducting research, identifying and collaborating/partnering with the right organizations/individuals and working with them for developing and excellent curriculum for all activities that we teach at Aikaarth. Also, working with them to create tools for us to measure and understand our children’s growth.
  • Creating and implementing a strategy for training our fellows with the required knowledge, skills, values and mindsets to be effective and efficient in the work they do.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of training, understanding the further training needs of our fellows, supporting them with the required training.
  • Collate, adapt and distil the content from various resources and external stakeholders to create relevant and easy-to-understand content.
  • Create content documents comprising structures and improvements made and maintain a repository for resources.

Knowledge required

  • Teacher training
  • Curriculum development

Experience required

  • Prior experience in teaching school children by receiving proper teacher training.

Competencies and Abilities

  • Strong goal orientation, project management and focus on outcomes.
  • Exceptional ability to train and coach using different methods and structures.
  • Strong networking, people management and relationship building skills to collaborate and partner with organizations/individuals and invest them in the work we do.
  • Ability to create tools to assess impact, measure and understand growth.
  • Strong time management skills and flexibility in order to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously.

Note: This will be a minimum of one year of volunteering commitment.

Aikaarth requires an inspiring force and so, we call upon you tobe the force, may the force be with you